Student Ombuds Office

The Student Ombuds Office is a safe, welcoming and confidential space for students who wish to discuss university-related concerns or issues. The office provides support to students who encounter challenges and conflicts, while empowering students with strategies, options and tools to help them identify their own course of resolution.

Discussions between the ombuds and students are strictly confidential, except under circumstances in which students or others may face imminent risk of harm.

How the Office May Assist Students

The Student Ombuds Office will:

  • Listen to concerns without judgement in a confidential and neutral space, and provide unbiased feedback.
  • Analyze, strategize, evaluate and develop options to help students arrive at their own solutions to concerns and problems.
  • Offer informal and organizational options to unravel concerns and conflicts.
  • Empower students with information about university resources and services that may be helpful in resolving issues.
  • Provide information about university policies, procedures and rules.
  • Clarify relevant student rights and responsibilities.
  • Make endorsements for the overall improvement of the university.

The Students Ombuds Office will not:

  • Replace or bypass existing university policies, procedures and rules.
  • Offer legal advice.
  • Participate or testify in formal proceedings, academic grievance or disciplinary hearings about specific cases.
  • Make decisions for students.
  • Serve as personal advocate, because the office is always neutral (but will advocate for fairness).
  • Act as an agent of the university for purposes of notice.